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Scope and Future Aspect

The is a continuously growing collection of genetic parts that can be mixed and matched to build synthetic biology devices and systems. The Registry is based on the principle of "get some, give some". Registry users benefit from using the parts and information available from the Registry in designing their engineered biological systems. In exchange, the expectation is that Registry users will, in turn, contribute back information and data on existing parts and new parts that they make to grow and improve this community resource.As a growing databes need to be more organized and improved.Huge collection of parts requires some algoritms not to get lost in database. According to this needs, BIO-Guide is the first designed software that enable huge amount of parts in to be organized as a possible biological device and system construct member based on graph theory. Application of synthetic biology is emerging field and these kinds of softwares are inevitable needs in that field. Making parts standards as suitable is the focus of synthetic biology and our innovative approach make parts in easy to use. After designing algoritm we understand that present standards are inadequate and partsregistry form must be improved. We need new form format during parts registry, some additional features make database more handleable. In future , we think to develop BIO-GUIDE 2.0 after revising parts registry form. Our final aim is to make a software making intended device and systems automatically. All you will do is writing your needs as a output and input or more complex networks and BIOGUIDE will give you all possible construct. It is not a dream because we made this software algorithm fundamentals this year and next year we will improve it