Team:METU Turkey Software/Motivation


Motivation and brain storming =

Since 2008, we have been participating in iGEM as METU( Middle East Technical University) wet-lab team, and each year we have noticed the increasing number of teams participating, along with an increase in biobricks entries at While having more choices of biobricks to choose from is incredible, searching for and choosing the appropriate parts is becoming a challenge. This year during the construction process of iGEM biobrick parts for our new project, we felt the need for an application to find interacting parts based on an input/output model to design the genetic constructs. Using a specialized software for searching the parts registry to find possible biobricks to include into our construct would be much easy, fast and accurate than manual. We have shared our need with a group of friends who are software engineers, and initiated the METU_Turkey_SOFTWARE team where we worked together over this summer to build the BIOGUIDE software.