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Who we are

  • Yizhi (Patrick) Cai, Ph.D.: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, High Throughput Biology Center, School of Medicine (Homepage)
  • Marc Ostermeier, Ph.D.: Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Homepage)
  • Jef Boeke, Ph.D., D.Sc.: Professor, Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics; Professor, Department of Oncology; Founding Director, High Throughput Biology Center, School of Medicine (Homepage)
  • Noah Young: Biomedical Engineering, Applied Mathematics
  • Justin Porter: Biophysics
  • Daniel Wolozny: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Ang "Andy" Tu: Biomedical Engineering
  • Henry Ma: Biomedical Engineering, Public Health
  • Arjun Khakhar: Biomedical Engineering
  • Roberto Passaro: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Andrew Snavely: Neuroscience, Cellular and Molecular Bioogy
  • Jonathan LeMoel: Biomedical Engineering
  • Kristin Boulier: Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Zheyuan Guo: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

A bit more about us...

Noah Young is a dashing, young, and battle-hardened Junior in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics who enjoys finding eigenvalues, sketching quasi-instantaneous current voltage relations for fictional ion channels, and programming robots to take jobs away from hard-working graduate students. In his free time he studies neural stem cells in microfluidic devices and helps manage a $100,000 endowment portfolio.

Justin Porter is a Biophysics major of Junior standing who hails from Seattle, Washington. His research interests are primarily in computational protein structure prediction and design, but he takes breaks to visit the wet lab when he participates in iGEM. When he’s not too busy, he enjoys Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, making hummus, long walks on the beach, and silently scaling the rain-slicked walls of ancient Japanese fortresses in the dead of night.

Daniel Wolozny is a Junior Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer from Honduras. Yes, Honduras, that little piece of land that connects North and South America. His research interests range from introducing genes, Bclxl and Bclxl2 to make mammalian cells resistant to apoptosis to learning new laboratory techniques. He enjoys horseback riding through the forests of the homeland and attempting to take the lessons learned in lab into the kitchen setting. Results have been mixed.

Ang “Andy” Tu is a sophomore Biomedical Engineering major from Southern California. After working two years in a immunology lab as a high school student, he joined Dr. Jon Schneck’s pathology lab where he is currently involved with the development of artificial antigen presenting cells for immunotherapy purposes. Though usually quiet and reserved, Andy occasionally surprises those around him with dashes of high-spirited energy and unbelievably inappropriate jokes.

Arjun Karkhar is a sophomore in the biomedical engineering department. He has done research cardiomyocyte monolayer growth, birth simulator design and mechanics research, and designing and testing genetic switches. He enjoys dancing, painting, cooking, social infrastructure development and science fiction. He wants to be a chef if he grows up.

Roberto Passaro is a junior Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer who weathered the hazards of Westchester, New York for over 18 years before finding his way to Johns Hopkins. He studies the flow and diffusion of nanoparticles through microfluidic devices. His free time is predominately spent playing guitar and wooing women.

Andrew Snavely is a junior pursuing majors in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Neuroscience. His research interests include expression of olfactory receptors in heterologous cells and the genetic control of the epithelial to mesenchymal transition in cancer cell lines. In his spare time, he enjoys backpacking and scuba diving.

Kristin Boulier is a sophomore Cellular and Molecular Biology major from Annapolis, Maryland. She enjoys playing with DNA, parasites (a problem exacerbated by her summer in a malaria lab), cooking and playing soccer.

Jonathan LeMoel is a sophomore in the Biomedical Engineering department. Hailing from Destin, Florida, he enjoys spending his very limited free time contemplating the intricacies of quantum mechanics, the creation of self replicating nanobots, and the grand answer to the age old question "What am I doing?" He also enjoys playing the guitar, not playing the piano, and the fabrication of microscale boxes.

Zheyuan Guo is senior Chemical and Biomolecular Engineer who found a passion "mixing" clear liquids and studying electrophoresis gels. He is currently helping assemble the 3L synthetic chromosome of S. cerevisiae. He enjoys playing poker and chess (simultaneously).


We would like to especially thank...

  • Dr. Kyle Cunningham and Adam Kim, JHU Department of Biology
  • Dr. Beverly Wendland, JHU Department of Biology
  • Dr. Elliot R. McVeigh, Director of JHU Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Clay Wright, JHU Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Gail Spence, JHU Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Dr. Richard McCarty, Dean Emeritus JHU Department of Biology
  • Erin Pryce, JHU Integrated Imaging Center
  • Maggie Kennedy, JHU Undergraduate Admissions