Team:Harvard/human practices/theigarden


the iGarden kit

Throughout the summer we thought about how someone would use the products of our work--the gardeners and farmers who would plant the seeds, the scientists and hobbyists who would explore the genetic modifications in more detail and tailor plant genomes to suit their needs. Our prototype iGarden shows one way that our product could reach a gardener.

iGarden version 1.0 comes with everything you need to plant engineered seeds that are hypoallergenic, express miraculin or brazzein, or produce orange flowers within the safety of the genetic fence: a helpful manual, seeds, soil, fence compound in a convenient spray bottle, and a geodesic greenhouse dome to create a cozy home for your engineered plants.

Version 1.0 also provides support for the home genetic engineer, containing the BioBrick compatible plant expression vectors and the AgroFect kit for facile, modular plant genetic engineering.

Welcome to iGarden--play, explore, learn, and help us build a better garden!