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Week 40

Expression-Peter and David

A expression experiment was performed to get samples for the mass spectometry.
Strain E and deltaTasA were grown in TY over night. The next morning OD was measured and both strains were diluted in fresh TY with antibiotics in 100 mL and divided into dTasA, E and E non induced.

OD was measured every hour, at approximately OD = 0,5 (after 2,5 hours) 1% subtilin was addded to the E-culture and from then onward every 2 hours OD was measured.

After five hours the OD was measured again and samples were taken for preperation:

The following groups were prepared out of 2 mL of culture:

E/dTasA/EN pellet E/dTasA/EN pellet, SDS E/dTasA/EN pellet, Lysozyme E/dTasA/EN pellet, Lysozyme SDS

E/dTasA/EN supernatant E/dTasA/EN supernatant, SDS E/dTasA/EN supernatant, Lysozyme E/dTasA/EN supernatant, Lysozyme SDS

Samples were stored in the freezer to await further analysis using mass spec.

Week 41

Week 43

Expression experiment David & Peter

Massspec data for the induced cultures of E, EN, C and CN was aquired, with the help of Sander we performed Malditov mass spectometry on both these samples and the samples in stock from the large E induction experiment. The samples of the E-induction experiment gave no data.



Expanding gene expression model and programmed this in Matlab, searched for constants.

Arend Information standard ready for submission



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