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ETH Zurich iGEM Team 2010


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Thanuja Ambegoda
Thanuja is currently a master's student in Computational Biology & Bioinformatics. Prior to this, he graduated from Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering. He's part of the modeling subgroup for this year's team for iGEM, from ETH Zurich.
Sonja Billerbeck
Sonja is a Phd-student in the Bioprocess Lab at D-BSSE and realizes her thesis in the area of synthetic biology. She studied Biology at the University of Tübingen (Germany).
Simona Constantinescu
Simona's background in Mathematics encouraged her to believe that analyzing and implementing rational designs of synthetic organisms is something worth spending the 2010 summer on, as part of the modeling group of ETH's iGEM Team. She is currently a master student in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, at ETH Zurich.
Moritz Lang
Moritz is a Phd student in the Computational Systems Biology group of the D-BSSE (ETH Zürich). He is writing his thesis about the identification of biomolecular systems. Moritz is part of the modeling subgroup and takes care of the microscope coupling and parts of the modeling.
Luzius Pestalozzi
Luzius is a Biotechnology bachelor student in the sixth semester. As he has studied biology in his first two years at the ETH Zurich he is a member of the wet lab subteam involved in implementing the newly engineered "E. lemming" chemotactic pathway into "Escherichia coli".
George Rosenberger
George is a student of MSc Biotechnology at ETH Zurich in third semester. During his BSc Biology (chemical orientation) / Biotechnology studies, he got in touch with synthetic biology and wanted to join the ETH Zurich iGEM Team. He's in the modeling subteam and his job is to design and maintain the wiki.
Elsa Sotiriadis
Elsa is a MSc Biotechnology student with Business and Marketing background. She studied Biochemistry at ETH Zurich and Biology at the Biozentrum Basel (University of Basel). She is part of the ETHZ/BSSE wetlab team.
Katharina Zwicky
Katharina is a Biotechnology master student at the D-BSSE in Basel in her second semester. Due to her Biology background, she is part of the ETHZ iGEM wetlab team. Go cloning!


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Sven Panke

Sven has been a supervisor for the ETH Zurich iGEM team since they first competed in 2005. He is Professor for Bioprocess Engineering. His research focuses on the development of highly efficient biocatalysts for novel bioprocesses for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

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Jörg Stelling

Jörg is the head of the Computational Systems Biology group at ETH Zurich. His current research interests are focused on the analysis and synthesis of biological networks using methods from systems theory and computer science. He has been a supervisor for the ETH Zurich iGEM team since their first participation in the competition in 2005.


Christoph Hold
Being an engineer by training, Christoph once specialized in biochemical engineering before moving on to systems biology. He's currently working on his PhD in Sven Panke's synthetic biology lab and therefore interested in modeling, design of experiment and parameter estimation. May MATLAB be with him!
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Mario Marchisio
Mario studied physics before moving to computational synthetic biology. He is currently Post Doc in Jörg Stelling's group.
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Vincent Rouilly
Trained as a Bioengineer, Vincent's interests lie in bringing closer computational biology and the wet lab work, with the idea of getting better at characterizing Synthetic Biology systems. He seems to be quite addicted to iGEM as this is his 5th participation as an advisor. Vincent currently works at the Biozentrum (University of Basel) on a High Content Screening processing pipeline.


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