Week15 9/19/10-9/25/10

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Week15 Highlights

Classes at Northwestern started this week. This complicated our functionality as a team due to scheduling. Thus, we paired up and began working on different portions of the project on our own.

  • Timi/Kevin: CP-LacPI assembly
  • Matt/Sean: Chitin synthase
  • Ben: Site directed mutagenesis
  • Ragan: MAGE

We submitted our iGEM abstract and has a group meeting for the first time since everyone left to go back home for a few weeks. We realized that something was wrong with our originally PCRed CHS3, so we remade it. However, we were only able to get 25-35 ng/ul of DNA. We also began an extra weekly meeting on Saturdays around 4pm to work on our poster, presentation, and wiki pages.


iGEM abstracts were due tonight. We had an after-hours lab meeting to finish things up. Prof. Leonard stopped by to help us make some final edits and to figure out how much money we had left in the budget.

We also took this time to catch eachother up on what we had been working on since team members started leaving for home.


Timi and Kevin poured a large gel prior to heading home for the night.


Timi and Kevin loaded digested CP-LacPI assemblies into gels this morning and Kevin ran the gel between classes.


Early 8am team meeting with Prof. Mordacq.

CHS3 made, low conc (25-35) 5 tubes of about 80ul each in 4degree


Digested LacP-RBS(2) with ES. Digested Tet plasmid with ES.


We had a group lab meeting to begin working on the poster and presentation.

Timi and Kevin put 18 overnight cultures of CP-LacPI assemblies into the incubator with Tet antibiotic.