Week13 9/5/10-9/11/10

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Week13 Highlights

We began reorganizing our lab space and equipment in preparation for a fall quarter class that would be utilizing the majority of the lab. We attempted standard assembly of LacP-RBS-CHS3 because the presence of a P site in CHS3 prevented 3A assembly.


Kevin did some reorganizing to get the lab back in order for Prof. Mordacq's class this fall. He consolidated the bench space, the -20 refrigerator and the cold room.


Day Off


Day Off


Assembled LacP-RBS1-CHS3 in a Chlor backbone plasmid using standard assembly methods Cut LacP-RBS1 using S Cut CHS3 using X and S (50% chance of inserting backwards --> must select for this after)


Inoculated 20 LacP-RBS-CHS3 cells.

Assembled CP-LacPI-RFP parts into Tet backbone.