Team:ZJU-China/Team Cooperation


    It's always been a great pleasure to share ideas with other iGEM teams and help each other along the way from summer to Jamboree. It's a process that one can inspire and be inspired at the same time. The whole project and the participation in the competition were made much easier and enjoyable with the help and support from them.

    One of the projects of iGEM-Team Tianjin involves the expression of a heterlogous protein in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is exactly the case for the application of our software Bach. While helping them to optimize the sequence, Bach is practiced, examined and improved in the whole process. It's a great tryout for Bach and an aid for their wet lab experiment as well. We've also consulted them about some wet lab procedures concerning operations of chemostasis, in which they offered much help in solving our problems.

    We've helped the iGEM Team of Bielefeld to translate the main page of their wiki from English to Chinese, so that their work and iGEM competition at the same time can be more accessible to Chinese people.

    We've participated in the iGEM-China meet-up hosted by iGEM team of SJTU-BioX-Shanghai at Aug.8th. Ideas about team's projects and related issues in synthetic biology have been exchanged, which has shaped our thoughts on Bach and made the summer even more memorable.