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Science Centre Delft

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What is the Science Centre Delft?

The Delft Science Centre opened its doors to the public on September 2nd 2010. The brand new Science Centre provides a fascinating peek behind the scenes at the TU Delft. It is a place where science and society meet: visitors will get to experience hands on the research that's being done the TU Delft as we speak by interactive and especially informative set-ups and rooms.

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Cooperation with our neighbor of the Kluyver laboratory, the Science Centre Delft, resulted in a beautiful Biotech room. We helped with the establishment of this room and left an iGEM mark in the museum. Following this, we got enthusiastic to develop an educational game to add to this room. Our initiative was strongly encouraged by the director of the centre, Michael van der Meer (most left on the picture), who brought us into contact with the right people and also ensured that we could use the facilities of the science museum at all times.

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