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Formal Meeting - 27 January 2010

  • Start time: 4 p.m.
  • Attendance: Philip Hall, Rachel Boyd, Zoltan Balogh, Harsh Sheth, Younus Essa, Alan Koh, Steven Woodhouse, Da Ye, Jannetta, Richard, Matt, Jen and Anil
  • Agenda

Summary of the last meeting

  • We will need to look over past projects:
    • working with B. subtilis and the
    • winners and the
    • rest of the projects
  • Summary of last informal meeting
    • B. subtilis must be in italics!

Wiki update

  • Login will be changed to password protected

Ideas Brainstorm

  • Arsenic sequestering or heavy metal
  • Detect using fluorescence
  • Last year did it/Cambridge
  • Pigments... can we improve?
  • Degrading hydrocarbons
  • B. subtillis can do this already can we improve it
  • Problem biofilms, we must stop the bacteria forming a biofilm
  • Oil slicks
  • Bacteria already do it, not as fit.
  • Ethics
  • Environment not contained
  • Damaging to wild life, counterproductive to cleaning up the oil slick
  • Removal of CO2
  • Making biotechnology safer
  • Kill switches
  • Reducing rates of mutation
  • CO2 to isobutynol
  • Cut cyclic chain, fuel instead of fat
  • Spores not germinate
  • Weaponised hydrocarbon spores
  • Need clean burn
  • Nitrogen fixation in soil
  • Enhance
  • Better promoter
  • Nitrogenase genes
  • Anaerobic
  • 2009 heavy metal sequestering plus fertiliser
  • Plant root, protect (fungicide), fertilise
  • Key Point on Monday
  • Work backward from November
  • Igem deadlines ... last years
  • Personal constraints ... exam periods
  • Booking flights etc
  • On agenda again next week
  • Project decision

6. Action points

  • Security – Zoltan/Anil talk to Dan
  • Start learning code - Everyone (who hasn’t already)
  • Add new members to mailing list - Jen
  • Send then the link to the wiki - Zoltan
  • Extend Monday meeting time - Zoltan
  • Project management software - Jannetta
  • Aim ~ 5 projects in each area
  • Tutorials - clone manager and sequentia, what is a BioBrick tutorial, modelling tutorial – need to ask Anil and Jen in advance
  • Register! - Anil and Jen
  • Add our own personal deadlines to the wiki - everyone
  • Program to sort out who's going to go through each of the past iGEM projects – Zoltan
  • Breaking up past igems, review 30 each, linking up on wiki - all

Any other business

  • May need to change 5 p.m. meeting time
  • More ideas all our ideas are environmental
  • How many areas?- Best food/energy, Best environment, Best Health and medicine, Best manufacturing, Best new app, Best information processing, Best software tool
  • We should have a standing agenda
  • We need to start characterising early on
  • What is a bio brick?
    • Chunk of DNA
    • Defined start / end
    • Easily connected
    • No scars
    • Same restriction sites
    • Cut ends not middle
    • Like Lego bricks