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Informal Meeting 12 February 2010

  • Start Time: 4.00 p.m.
  • Attendance: Rachel (Chair), Richard (minutes), Zoltan (computer) Harsh, Younus, Da, Alan (late)

Summary of the last formal meeting

  • Showed supervisors timeline
  • Ideas:
    • Da: diabetes
    • Jannetta: optimal nitrogen fixation
    • Steve: error detection
  • Modelling tutorial and homework. Stephen has already put list of model entities on wiki
  • All mobile numbers on Wiki apart from Richard (need new phone)


  • Zoltan: Using bacteria to draw (French) flags. Move towards signal: light, electricity. Produce fluorescent colours. Need to think about practical applications.
  • Richard: Bacillus immune system. Largest problem is to overcome immune reaction

Linearisation of bacterial genome for kill-switch: need to re-engineer the replication mechanism

Shortlisting of Ideas

  • Discussed about ranking system (1 worst: 10 best).
    • Table. Shortlisting ~20 down to 5 on Wednesday. To 3 on Friday.
    • Slide presentation for last 3 - divide team into groups of 3 (present as a group in front of AW and JH).
  • 6 Criteria:
  1. wow factor (impress judges) - “out of blue”
  2. novelty (how new or fresh is idea)
  3. practicality in lab
  4. how much has already been done
  5. glass award potential
  6. application in society
  • Somebody needs to draft table for scoring.
  • Have send email to JH and NW asking them about the suitability of our 6 criteria.
  • Each person only knows 27 of all previous projects. Need to create list and finalise criteria. To discuss with supervisors later.

Homework for modelling tutorial

  • Took picture of modelling lac operon network.

Action points

  • All: Put all ideas up on ideas page by next meeting. 14+ ideas so far
  • Zoltan: Data mining results to copy and paste onto original page (Main page > previous projects > Zoltan)
  • Zoltan: will put photo of homework model network on wiki.
  • All: New ideas allowed before Wednesday. Bring list of own ideas from wiki for next meeting.
  • Richard: add ideas to ideas page
  • Remind NW and JH about selection of remaining two team members
  • Next meeting Wed 17th at 3.00 p.m.
  • Chair: Younus, Minutes: Jannetta, Da: computer