Jamboree/Wiki Freeze

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Wiki Freeze: Wednesday, October 27, 11:59PM EDT

Wiki Freeze Traffic: Be Prepared!

iGEM 2010 teams are required to document their project on the iGEM 2010 wiki. A week and a half before the Jamboree, the wiki is frozen. iGEM HQ makes it so that no one can edit the iGEM wiki. After the wiki freeze, judges begin assessing the team projects.

The wiki freeze is a non-flexible deadline. If your team's information is not on the wiki by 11:59pm EDT on October 27 you WILL NOT be able to add any more information.

Keep in mind that there will be traffic on the iGEM server. In 2009, there was a high load placed on the wiki server and teams had difficulties adding information in the last several hours before the deadline. You can read more about what happened last year on the 2009 Wiki Freeze page.

DO NOT wait until the last minute to put information on your team pages. All teams are required to document their project on the iGEM 2010 wiki so if your team's wiki is hosted somewhere else, do not plan on moving information over at the last minute. Do it early.

Students: if your big, important final exam started at 12:00pm and you had to travel 30 minutes to get to class, you would (hopefully!) not leave your room at 11:30am to get to the exam room. You would leave with plenty of time to spare to account for traffic. Think of the wiki freeze deadline in the same way -- you need to account for traffic.

iGEM HQ cannot emphasize this enough. There were problems last year. Be prepared. Editing will be difficult for most of the day before the deadline. Do not plan on adding critical information to your wiki that day as you may have problems.

Wiki Hosting

Remember that all team wikis must be on the iGEM 2010 wiki. If your team's wiki is not on the iGEM 2010 site it will not be judged. As mentioned above, do NOT plan on moving all of your information over on the last day before the wiki freeze. You will have troubles with traffic. Move your information over to the iGEM 2010 site right away. Team wikis on OpenWetWare, university websites, or independent websites will not be considered in judging. If you are currently using a separate host for your wiki, please move over all information to your team wiki on 2010.igem.org.

Wiki Thawing

iGEM HQ will un-freeze the wiki about a week after the Jamboree so that teams may add information about publicity, pictures, publications, etc. The iGEM 2010 wiki will stay un-frozen for several weeks and then be frozen permanently to preserve the iGEM 2010 activity for the future.