Week20 10/24/10-10/30/10

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Timi took out the CP-LacPI plates into the morning and stored them in the cold room.

Kevin inoculated overnight cultures and put them in to grow.


Kevin miniprepped the CP-LacPI cultures and digested them.


Timi treated Tet backbone with phosphatase for more efficient 3A assemblies.

Timi ligated the CP-LacPI digests with GFP into a Tet backbone. They were transformed into ChiA competent cells and plated onto Tet plates.


Kevin inoculated overnight cultures of the CP-LacPI-GFP colonies. They will be miniprepped/digested tomorrow to be screen on an agarose gel. After we successfully obtain the part, we will characterize the CP-LacPI-GFP constructs that we created to find the weakest and strongest constitutive promoter. We will be using a plate reader to characterize the parts.

WIKI FREEZE at 11:59PM ET. Any further work will be documented elsewhere.