Week18 10/10/10-10/16/10

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Week18 Highlights

We discovered that there are 2 additional XbaI sites in our CHS3 gene while trying to enter our part into the iGEM website. We did not realize this before because we used NEB Cutter to analyze the gene and it did not indicate that and XbaI sites were present. XbaI sites only show up when you set the search parameters to specifically look for XbaI sites. This is very disappointing as digesting with X is an integral part of some of our planned assemblies.


Timi- Transformed and plated part 2-17F onto Chlor and Tet plates. Will be ready for miniprepping tomorrow.


Day Off


Matt - digested LacP-RBS with SpeI in preparation for standard assembly with ES digested CHS3


Day Off


Kevin transformed T10 cells with CP-LacPI parts that we did not have much digest of left. He plated them onto TET plates.


Kevin took out the CP-LacPI plates and put them into the 4 degree for Timi. Timi inoculated overnight cultures at 7pm.


Team meeting at 12pm to work on our wiki. We made the discouraging discovery that our CHS3 DNA that Ben had worked super hard for actually contained XbaI restriction sites. This complicates our assembly and might jeopardize the success of our project. We will talk to the advisors about this to see if things can still work out.

Timi and Kevin miniprepped the CP-LacPI inoculations, digested them with E&P, and ligated them to GFP.