Week17 10/3/10-10/9/10

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Week17 Highlights

We ran into problems while running the gels for our CP-LacPI-GFP parts. We decided to use new buffer.


Timi miniprepped the CP-LacPI-GFP cultures and digested them with E/P. She then poured a big and a small gel.

Kevin came in and ran the digested CP-LacPI-GFP, digested CP-LacPI with digested Cp and digested LacPI parts.


Day Off


Timi and Kevin came in to discuss why their gels were running strangely. We believe there is something wrong with our buffer, so we are swapping everything out with a fresh batch of Prof. Mordacq's 0.5x TBE buffer. Timi poured a large gel that we will be using tomorrow.


Day Off


Timi- took part 2-17F out of the DNA kit. Transformed into T10 cells to grow overnight.


Kevin- ran gel of the CP-LacPI parts. Gel results are still inconclusive. Also put in an overnight culture of the 2-17F part into the incubator for Timi.


Timi- Miniprepped the 2-17F part. Digested the DNA with E/P and ligated the 2-17F GFP part into Chlor and Tet backbone.