Week17 10/3/10-10/9/10

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Timi miniprepped the CP-LacPI-GFP cultures and digested them with E/P. She then poured a big and a small gel.

Kevin came in and ran the digested CP-LacPI-GFP, digested CP-LacPI with digested Cp and digested LacPI parts.


Timi and Kevin decided to take a day off :)


Timi and Kevin came in to discuss why their gels were running strangely. We believe there is something wrong with our buffer, so we are swapping everything out with a fresh batch of Prof. Mordacq's 0.5x TBE buffer. Timi poured a large gel that we will be using tomorrow.



Timi- took part 2-17F out of the DNA kit. Transformed into T10 cells to grow overnight.


Kevin- ran gel of the CP-LacPI parts. Gel results are still inconclusive. Also put in an overnight culture of the 2-17F part into the incubator for Timi.


Timi- Miniprepped the 2-17F part. Digested the DNA with E/P and ligated the 2-17F GFP part into Chlor and Tet backbone.