Week12 8/29/10-9/4/10

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Week12 Highlights

We began assembling LacP-RBS-CHS3. We defrosted our -20 and in the process reorganized the -20 and threw out unnecessary DNA.


Screened MAGE culture for knockouts.


Attempted to assemble LacP-RBS-CHS3 --> accidentally cut CHS3 with P (contains a P site)

Reorganized the racks in the -20.

Threw out unnecessary/old DNA from our -20.

Moved all of our racks from our -20 to another -20 in order to defrost our -20.

tqsA Knockouts FOUND (?) in MAGE culture upon screening.


Ragan left for home today and left MAGE in our hands. He asked us to test his tsqA knockouts to determine if they were in fact true knockouts.


Day Off


Reorganized -20 DNA stock. Created racks for individual teammates to stay organized once the school year starts.