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iGEM Groningen 2010

pushing coatings into a greener future

Djoke Hendriks Public Relations

Me @ the Louvre

Hey there,

I'm Djoke, currently a master student in Journalism. I recently did an internship at the science section of Dutch national daily NRC Handelsblad and I will write a thesis on how genetically modified plants are discussed in Dutch newspapers. I will finish that master this year and continue to study the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology master. As you probably see already: I like both biotechnology and journalism. So I hope I can contribute in the research part but also in the ethics and communication parts. I really like the iGEM idea with so many freedom for students, it should be great fun!

Besides iGEM I was a member of the board of the students association for chemistry students and also organized studytours and many other things for them. I have worked for the university by making high school students enjoy chemistry with practical courses and lectures on the study itself. I also assisted in practical courses. Furthermore, I play the transverse flute and like reading lots of exciting books (fantasy or detectives).

  • University:

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

Bachelor Chemistry with specialization in biochemistry



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