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Alejandro Vignoni

Valencia ale tesina.jpg

I'm an Electronic Eng. and I'm doing my PhD in Automatic Control Systems oriented to System Biology. I play Guitar as hobby (although I studied almost all my life) and I like traveling, biking, swimming, taking pictures and many things more...!!!. I landed in the Valencia IGEM team, because in the beginning, my advisor told me to, but now I'm very grateful of being member of such humble and noble thing as IGEM competition. I look forward to know a lot of people in the Jamboree and maybe you are one of them. See ya!!!

If you wan't to know more about me, you can check my Curriculum Vitae, or my Alejandro Vignoni LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn Profile

Personal Dossier

Alias: Alex, Petifuri, Boludo

Felony: going on vacation in the middle of the summer!!!(It was no vacation, at least not all the time).

Most hated scientist: Dirac

Sheldon Cooper favorite phrase: Bazzinga!

Favorite weapon against Zombies: Guillotina más hoguera (witch hunting stile)

Phrase: "putos bichitos de mierda" (Impossible to translate, but something like: This fu%&$ng bugs, regarding to yeasts.)

Main Task: Modeling, Wiki Manager, Official Photographer and whatever else is necessary.

iGEM Valecia Flickr Photo Gallery

Take a look to the gallery of pic taken from and for the IGEM Valencia Team.