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MIT iGEM 2010

The 2010 MIT iGEM team. We are biological engineers, physicists, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists.
Programmable, Self-constructing Biomaterials

The 2010 MIT iGEM team focused on the control and production of self-constructing and self-repairing living biomaterials through both bacterial and mammalian engineering. We ventured to set up the framework for material formation in both types of cells, for future applications in living, self-repairing materials and in vitro organogenesis respectively.

We have accomplished far beyond what we expected of ourselves! In addition to our project, we have created a new Mammalian Biobrick standard, contributed original parts for mammalian cells and bacteriophage, and we have biobricked two working toggles for the registry.


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This is Laura. She works with mammals!

I'm Leanna. I'm a rising junior in Course 20. I like gymnastics and NCAA basketball (men's). I have an intense passion for the Situation.

This is Paul. He lived in Switzerland for years, and yes, he's related to John Muir.