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Bach: Gene Composer

    Bach is a gene composer software that optimizes coding sequences and calculates corresponding RiPS to illustrate their translation rates. In sequence optimization, Bach incorporates 4 distinct approaches from which users can freely choose: SYNONYMOUS SUBSTITUTION, SLOW, FAST and MATCH. In the last section of GET RIPS, users are provided with a quantitative view of the translational behavior of the input coding sequence and the four sequences produced by the four methods as well.

    Run Bach for the following research needs:

  • heterologous protein expression
  • Evaluation of translation rates and behavior
  • Design of more predictable and robust genetic circuits

  •     Run Bach for the following benefits:

  • Diverse optimization approaches of choice
  • Quantitative Analysis of translational behavior
  • Free and easy to use

  • System Requirement

  • Operating System:
  •     Recommended OS: Windows 7 32-bit Operating System
        Minimum OS: Windows XP 32-bit Operating System

  • Hardware Configuration:
  •     No strict limits.

        Recommended configuration:

            RAM ≥ 1GB
            Hard Disk ≥ 100GB
            CPU ≥ 1.66GHZ

    Bach for DOWNLOAD (include User Guide Manual): Bach Binary Executable File

    Manual for DOWNLOAD: User Guide Manual

    Project Source Code for DOWNLOAD: Project Source Code        

        For more information about Bach on its algorithm and using, please refer to the manual.


        Bach is Copyrignt © ZJU-CHINA iGEM 2010. All rights reserved.

        For further queries related to Bach program, please contact us through the email of Any reports of failure or suggestions on Bach are welcome.