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Gene expression control

All substances are poisons. There is none which is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy. Paracelsus

In order to make our device - the BactoDHL functioning correctly we had to express each gene in the right dose. To high expression of certain proteins, especially the LLO would be toxic to the cells. To low expresion would result in poor performance of our device.

Because our devices are encoded as operons we have in fact faced two different problems at two different levels:

  • Global expression regulation of the whole operon which is controlled at promoter level
  • Local expression regulation of each gene in the operon, which is controlled at the RBS level

As a solution we have determined absolute strength of J23100 and pT7. Results are here.

Also we have determined relative strength of 10 RBS from 2010 DNA distribution. Results are here.

We have used the measurement results to create ExpressIt! defined expression strength vectors kit.