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Author Attribution

Because we had ambitious project and very little time we adopted a shift based work system in the wet lab. Some team members used to come early in the morning and after dinner their experiments were passed to others, who like working late. Our dry lab worked whenever they could.

Attributions by project:

1.RBS Measurement

20 constructs needed for this experiment were cloned by: Kasia Grześ, Ania Puławska, Ania Safray, Cherry Moreno, Milena Bażlekowa, Anna Olchowik. The lab work was supervised by Jarek Pankowski and Kasia Grześ. Kasia's skills and patience were crucial for finishing this stage of the project.

Parts' characterization using FACS measurements were conducted by Cherry Moreno under the supervision of Michał Lower with some help from other team members.

Parts' characterization using qPCR was performed by Anna Olchowik And Michał Lower. We'd like also thank Piotr Przanowski from Necki Institute, who allowed us access qPCR machine in his lab and advised us about experimental setup.

2.Kill Switch(MinC)

This was Jarek Pankowski's idea.

Cloned and tested mainly by Kuba Piątkowski and Jarek Pankowski with a some help from other team members.

3.Bacto DHL

Constructs containing invasin and listeriolysin were cloned by Marta Błaszkiewicz and Joanna Leszczyńska under Michał Lower supervision.

The invasion experiments followed by flow cytometry measurements were performed by Kamil Koper, Anna Olchowik, Michał Lower and Cherry Moreno.

Microscopic observations were mainly conducted by Dominik Cysewski and Michał Lower.

Dominik's camera is also an important team member, without her we wouldn't have any pictures.

RFC that would help other teams measure cell invasion in the future was prepared by Anna Olchowik and Michał Lower.

4.Human Practices

Ania Puławska, Cherry Moreno, Dominik Cysewski, Joanna Leszcyńska, Marta Błaszkiewicz, and Milena Bażlekowa prepared the presentation, went to local high schools and gave lectures about synthetic biology and iGEM competition. Moreover they prepared a questionnaire for students.

The whole team did brainstorming about Biobrick ownership. Michał came up with the idea of licensing the Biobricks like computer programs using creative commons license. Later with help of Ania Olchowik it was shaped to form of RFC document.

5. Software

Was designed and implemented by Albert Bogdanowicz and Marta Błaszkiewicz under Michał's Lower supervision.

6. Wiki

Team's webpage draft has been coded by Anna Olchowik and Michał Lower, the final webpage has been recoded by a specialist in the field - Marta Błaszkiewicz.

It wouldn't look nice without Ania Puławska hand-made pictures. All members of the team contributed to our wiki.

7. Fundrising

Michał Lower, Dominik Cysewski and Anna Olchowik organized funding.

Dominik's efforts need additional acknowledgment because during the summer he acted as the team's manager and fundriser. Thanks to him our team have obtained patronage of Polish Minister of Science.