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Mission Statement

Here at WITS, we’re serious about our synthetic biology; we like knowing that when you shove your (nitrile-gloved) hand into our box of bio bits you emerge with a fully-functional nut for your bolt. So, hence, therefore, as a result we have decided to provide the entire life cycle of our BioBricks - over and above their behavioral characterization. From their genesis to gene synthesis, we’re giving you it all: snapshots of their sequences to our many guesses at their gels. Finally, you can rest assured that they sit happy in their bubble-wrapped plasmid packaging as we submit them off into the great lake of science - The Registry.

List of Parts Submitted to The Registry

Non-Composite Parts

Machine 1 Parts

Machine 2 Parts

  • PlcR Promoter: The PlcR-PapR fusion protein-responsive promoter
  • SpooA: The negative feedback regulator of the machine


At Wits, we love our Biobricks!