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May festival iGEM Japan

May Festival


We carried out "pre-iGEM Japan" to improve questions that we prepared for Human Practice iGEM Japan Project. Tokyo_Metropolitan took part in this project. We all used paper-based questionnaire during one of our university festival called Gogatsu-sai: May festival.

Targets, Terms, and Places

  • Students, Others
    • May festival - May 29, 30 at The University of Tokyo


  1. Please tell us if you have heard about the facts below.
    • We genetically inherit some part of characters and natures from our parents.
      1. [Knew it / Didn’t know it]
    • A gene decides which factors in one’s nature get passed down.
      1. [Knew it / Didn’t know it]
    • One receives a half set of genes from each of his parents.
      1. [Knew it / Didn’t know it]
    • Biodiversity is derived from how one inherits genes from his parents.
      1. [Knew it / Didn’t know it]
    • Have you ever heard of the term ‘biodiversity’?
      1. [Knew it / Didn’t know it]