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We would like to thank:

Our instructors

  • Ing.Zhaofeng Luo
  • Ing.Jiong Hong
  • Dr. Hao Jiang

The School of Life Sciences for hosting our team by providing lab space

  • The administrator of 363

Complex Disease and Systems Biology Lab of the School of Life Sciences USTC

  • Prof. Jiarui Wu
  • Prof. Zhi Liang

The Boston USTC Alumni Association

  • Chi Gao
  • Kai Pan
  • Yan Zhao
  • Lei Dai
  • Yunxing Ma
  • Jin Huang
  • Xiaochun Fan

The University of Science and Technology of China Initiative Foundation

  • Zhifeng Liu

All the students who joined the iGEM brainstorm early this summer, and helped us summarize previous work.