An Integrated Platform Based on Bacterial Microcompartment for de novo Proteinaceous Artificial Organelles

USTC2010 IGEM PCR with DNA Polymerase


USTC2010 IGEM DNA Gel extraction protocol

File:DNA Gel Extraction.pdf

USTC2010 IGEM_DNA_digestion_protocol

File:DNA Digestion.pdf

USTC2010 IGEM Ligation of insert DNA into plasmid vector DNA

File:Ligation of insert and vector.pdf

USTC2010 IGEM Transformation protocol

File:Transformation USTC.pdf

USTC2010 IGEM Miniprep Protocol

File:Miniprep USTC.pdf

USTC2010 IGEM Purification of artificial metabolosome proteins Protocol

File:Purification of artificial metabolosome proteins.pdf

USTC2010 IGEM TEM-Preparation of samples for thin sectioning Protocol

File:TEM-Preparation of samples for thin sectioning.pdf