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An Integrated Platform Based on Bacterial Microcompartment for de novo Proteinaceous Artificial Organelles

T his human practice project mainly includes four sections. In the first section investigate in our students some most common concerns in bioethics and come to a report on the status quo of people’s view to synthesis biology and related ethics concerns, In the next section we give publicity to the idea of synthesis biology and make efforts in increasing the public awareness of bioethical issues. Then based on our survey and experience we write a essay “several points of bioethical issues in china” and summarize our view in bioethical issues in another essay, which is also our transcript in terms of the bioethical issues in the campus talk. Last but not least we investigate the safety and security issues of our BMC project.

It is essential to know about people’s attitude toward bioethical issues and products related to synthesis biology. To do this, we carry out our survey before our campus talk and adjust the content of our campus talk according to its result.(—see more )

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In the campus talk and open day we try to convey a thorough understanding of synthesis biology to the public and make efforts in increasing the public awareness of bioethical issues. This include publicize both the advantages of synthetic biology and the possible risk of the synthesis biology and the explanation why we should support synthesis biology.(—see more )after the open day we send out another questionnaire to see the influence our campus talk and open day to the audience.

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To provide reference to further investigation and actions, we summarize our view to bioethical problems in bioethical essay and put forward several essential points in terms of bioethical issues in china in which we emphasize china’s uniqueness as a developing country and a country with little religious context at present.(see more)

Last but not least we provide information about safety and security, including mainly experimental safety and the results of our consulting with experts about biosafety issues in our project. We also answer the questions put forward in igem safety and security page in this part. ( see more)