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Appetuners: A System for the Expression and Control of Appetite Regulation Peptides in E.coli

     The 2010 Citadel-Charleston iGEM team invites you to join us as we explore a novel healthcare solution to obesity and weight-related ailments: influencing the desire to eat through an engineered strain of intestinal microflora.  Our team has focused research and development on Peptide Tyrosine Tyrosine (PYY), a peptide which could permit microorganisms native to the gastrointestinal tract to interact with the central nervous system and manipulate the perception of hunger.  The Citadel-Charleston Team has worked to express the PYY3-36 peptide in E.coli and to ensure that its expression is strictly controlled by means of a cellular population limit.


News and Updates

November 22, 2010: The Citadel iGEM Wiki has been updated. A number of edits, both technical and aesthetic, have been made to make the wiki more useful to future visitors and iGEM teams.