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What do you need to make the alkanivore?

We needed 1 team with 3 supervisors and 9 students that made 10 practical jokes and baked 11 cakes to make up for the jokes. For a good team spirit we went on 12 outings. 14 friends were lost due to negligence. To analyze the public opinion we held 22 interviews. During our 37 group meetings we came up with 46 different ideas. Once we decided to go for the alkanivore project, we had to make 47 new BioBricks. To accomplish this we used 178 liters of LB medium for the growth of bacteria. To show our project to the world we ordered 200 flyers and 300 business cards. At the same time we started with the experiments by performing 356 ligation reactions, 472 plasmids isolations and 1.372 PCR reactions. Because the experiments did not always go as expected we had 1.527 sleepless nights. But after 3.060 phone calls and 5.083 emails, we travelled 11.032 meters to the lab with fresh enthusiasm. After 12.456 cups of coffee we had new energy. We picked up our pipet again and used 24.877 pipet tips. In the end we made the BioBricks and sequenced 350.000 basepairs. In the complete project we grew bacteria. To finance our project we needed ...... euro.