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Hydrocarbon Solubility Results & Conclusions

Our goal was to enhance the solubility of alkanes in water. Therefore we constructed a new part that expresses the emulsifier protein AlnA after induction by IPTG. By using our own emulsification assay we measured the increase in hydrophobic compounds in the water phase.


For the production of large amounts of protein, 1 L shake flasks cultures were induced with IPTG after the OD600 was starting to increase towards 0.1 (Table 1).

# Culture OD600 at induction OD600 at harvest
1 Control (J13002) 30 C 0.073 0.451
2 Control (J13002) 37 C 0.088 0.810
3 AlnA (K398206) 30 C 0.060 0.393
4 AlnA (K398206) 37 C 0.067 0.624


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