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BioBricks, the making of

BBa_I13401 was PCR amplified using the universal primers G00100 and G00101. The purified PCR product was assembled into one of the Anderson RBS plasmids provided in the distribution plates by means of 2-way ligations thus obtaining:

  • K398500 (BBa_J61100 + BBa_I13401)
  • K398501 (BBa_J61101 + BBa_I13401)
  • K398502 (BBa_J61107 + BBa_I13401)
  • K398503 (BBa_J61117 + BBa_I13401)
  • K398504 (BBa_J61127 + BBa_I13401)

Transformation into competent Top10 E.coli cells yielded positives, as determined by fluorescence analysis.