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Our favorite parts were also the ones best characterized. This page is a quick overview of the results.

Favorite Parts


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Our results suggest that the recombinant strain E. coli 029A functionally express our biobrick BBa_K398029. From the statistical analysis that we performed we concluded that the expression of the biobrick BBa_K398006 under the promoter-rbs combination BBa_J23100-BBa_J61117 increases the dodecanal dehydrogenase activity in E. coli cell extracts 2-fold. Moreover, the enzymatic activities measured for the construct BBa_K398029 were equivalent to 33.98% of the Pseudomonas putida aldehyde dehydrogenase activity. Read more about it in our results page


Emulsification of Sudan II by the isolated proteins from the control (BBa_J13002) and AlnA (BBa_K398206) culture. Read more about the BBa_K398206 characteristics
This part contains an IPTG inducible protomor with a protein coding sequence for the production of the emulsifier AlnA. It was the main subject of our solubility subproject.

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