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Our favorite parts were also the ones best characterized. This page is a quick overview of the results.

Favorite Parts


pCaiF is one of our Biobricks of the sensing project. It's function is to express proteins under glucose limitation conditions. In order to measure its strength we attached the GFP generator in front of it. Different media, and carbon source concentrations were tested in order to obtain an insight about the protein production during starvation.

TU Delft pCaiF comp.jpg


Emulsification of Sudan II by the isolated proteins from the control (BBa_J13002) and AlnA (BBa_K398206) culture. Read more about the BBa_K398206 characteristics
This part contains an IPTG inducible protomor with a protein coding sequence for the production of the emulsifier AlnA. It was the main subject of our solubility subproject.

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