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Our favorite parts were also the ones best characterized. This page is a quick overview of the results.

Favorite Parts


TUDelftALDH final.jpg

Our results suggest that the recombinant strain E. coli 029A functionally express our biobrick BBa_K398029. From the statistical analysis that we performed we concluded that the expression of the biobrick BBa_K398006 under the promoter-rbs combination BBa_J23100-BBa_J61117 increases the dodecanal dehydrogenase activity in E. coli cell extracts 2-fold. Moreover, the enzymatic activities measured for the construct BBa_K398029 were equivalent to 33.98% of the Pseudomonas putida aldehyde dehydrogenase activity. Read more about it in our results page


According to our results, the smallest part that we designed it's working!!!

pCaiF a natural promoter in E. coli that is active at high cAMP levels was characterized attaching E00240 in front of our part. Different GFP production rates were found at the stationary phase showing that GFP production depends on the amount of glucose in the medium. Moreover, growth on a secondary carbon source decreases the GFP production rate.

TU Delft pCaiF final.jpg

Read more about our fascinating results in our website!


Emulsification of Sudan II by the isolated proteins from the control (BBa_J13002) and AlnA (BBa_K398206) culture. Read more about the BBa_K398206 characteristics
This part contains an IPTG inducible protomor with a protein coding sequence for the production of the emulsifier AlnA. It was the main subject of our solubility subproject.

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