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Eight months of work are not easily described in a few words. That's why we made this timeline to give you a quick overview of all that has been going on in and around our lab. If you really would like to know what we did every day, please take a look at our blog.

Reverse to the Start Forward to the End
First weekly team meetings, outings and brain storm sessions.

11First team meeting! 16Divided managerial tasks 31Enormous list of ideas (100+)
Ideas elimination and a lot of calls to companies for fund raising.

9Introduction of the Hugo Risk Scale for project ranking 15Ideas remaining: 23
RBS characterization, while waiting for the ordered DNA. Our logo was born in Paris.

11Delicious meals at the Spring Workshop in Paris 16Broadcasted on the national television news 17Nanopodium movies filmed
Characterization of our constructs. Start development of the game.

1Opening Science Centre 3Outing to the Zoo 15Shell R&D visit Amsterdam  
Off to Boston. See you guys there!

4Release iGEM video game 5iGEM Jamboree!