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Wiki Tips and Tricks

Part of the iGEM competition is to publish your work on the iGEM wiki. During the spring workshop you will get a brief introduction on how to create and edit pages, but this probably leaves you with a lot of question. How do you get from the default iGEM team page to a all nice and shiny website?

Tip 1: Start building your wiki immediately

Don't wait to the last week before the wiki lockdown with working on your wiki. When you update your wiki with your progress on a regular basis it does not only saves time in the end, but it also helps others that might be struggling with the same issues. Your first wiki does not have to look fancy, basic navigation will suffice.

Tip 2: Look around on previous teams wiki for useful code

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Webdevelopment has been an open source discipline for a much longer time than biotech, so there is plenty of code available to upgrade your wiki. Do remember to respect the authors and licenses.

After we discovered that other teams were copying our work, we had no other choice than to keep the rest secret untill the very end. Luckily for you, we reveal all tricks on this page.

Tip 3: