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Our Team in the Science Museum

TUDelft Science Centre Delft.jpg

The Delft Science Centre opened its doors to the public on September 2nd 2010. The brand new Science Centre provides a fascinating peek behind the scenes at the TU Delft. It is a place where science and society meet: visitors will get to experience hands on the research that's being done the the TU Delft as we speak by interactive and especially informative set-ups and rooms.

The Biotechnology Room

One of the exhibitions in the Science Centre is the Biotechnology room, created in collaboration with the TU Delft iGEM team (us!). Upon entering the visitor is overwhelmed by a wall full of colorful microorganisms, a sneak peak into the amazing microscopic world. As soon as you find out how to use the photo plates in the flow cabinet, the screens in the cabinet show informative movies about several important microorganisms. Watch them here and see how we contributed.

Movie: Overview of our room in the Science Centre

Educational Movies

In cooperation with the Science Centre we made several movies about fundamental principles of biotechnology. The audience aimed for are high school students.

Just like in the museum, you have to activate the movies by dragging the plate to the plate reader:

TU Delft Science centre kast.jpg Nadine shows you how it is done in the Science Centre.
2. Drag it on to the reader
3. Enjoy the movie