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Night of the Nerds @ NEMO Amsterdam

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The ninth of October, the biggest Nerd-event in the Netherlands took place in Science Museum NEMO (Amsterdam. Molecular cooking, 3D-printing, flower-cocktails and eating chocolate-dipped insects, everything a real nerd could ever dream of!

Ofcourse, an iGEM team full of nerds may not miss a party like this.

Well equipped with two video cameras, business cards and special made info-cards about iGEM and synthetic biology we went to NEMO not only to have fun with our team but also to inform the nerd-visitors about synthetic biology.

We asked visitors to answer questions that had to do with DNA, bacteria and synthetic biology and recorded those. Moreover, we asked the Dutch chef Pierre Wind what kind of a bacterium he could use as a helper in the kitchen. Enthusiastic as he was about the idea of bacteria with emulsifying properties to make new types of vinaigrette, he couldn’t wait to use them!

Pierre, we'll let you know if we have something for you ;-)! TUDelft DSC6668.JPG

The result of the interviews will soon be seen on youtube! Stay tuned...

The national Dutch newspaper 'de Volkskrant' also did an interview with Eva & Nadine. Read here (dutch) Volkskrant - Eindelijk een avond voor de nerds

Ready to interview the nerds!

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