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We believe that it is of great importance to educate the general public about synthetic biology in order to create an awareness instead of fear. This is why this year’s team contributed to teaching of biotechnology. We collaborated with the Science Centre Delft, a science museum for all ages, to establish a biotechnology room in which shows what biotechnology is all about. In order to develop a serious game about synthetic biology we worked with students from computer sciences and industrial design. By providing educational material for teachers, even more children may come into contact with the field of synbio.

Therefore we sought partnership with a national institute voor science and technology: The Rathenau Institute. Together with this organization we developed a workshop that both covered the transfer of knowledge as well as opertunity for the audience to speak from their hear about the newly learned information.

Because this workshop is interesting for multiple parties, we were able to reache people from all ages. Above that we were also a source of inspiration for teachers by showing a fun and new concept that is easy to reproduce in their own class room.

On top of this all we went to the biggest nerd-event in the Netherlands, Night of the Nerds @ NEMO (Amsterdam's science museum), because real geeks need to know all about synthetic biology!

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