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We would like to thank:

Our instructors

For the introduction in the lab and the procedures. We are also very gratefull for the efforts to arrange all our needs.

  • Ing. Esengül Yildirim

For modelling advice and constructive comments on our progress.

  • Dr. Aljoscha Wahl
  • Dr. Alessandro Abate

Of course, we want to thank all of you for the great times we had during our iGEM project!

Enzymology Department

For hosting our team by providing lab space.

  • Prof. dr. Wilfred Hagen
  • Prof. dr. Simon de Vries
  • Ing. Laura Koekoek
  • Ing. Marc Strampraad

Department of Biotechnology

All the people that made it possible to do this project by providing permits.

  • Prof. dr. Han de Winde
  • Dr. Lesley Robertson
  • Dr. Simon de Goede
  • Jos Lispet

For sacrificing her birthday to check our wiki for spelling errors

  • Angela Paulus

The technical workshop for providing beamer

  • Arno van den Berg

For arranging all our equipment in our office

  • Sjaak Lispet

Arranging extra computers for our office

  • Hans Kemper


The assistance of all advisors is very much appreciated for all tips and help to improve our protocols and experiments.

  • Dr. Domenico Bellomo
  • Ir. Amit Deshmukh
  • Dr. Emrah Nikerel
  • Ir. Stefan de Kok
  • Drs. Janine Kiers

The Chemical Engineering Department

For the use of the Gas Chromotograph

  • Maarten Gorseling
  • Remco van Oosten

The people involved in our ethical research

For reading and evaluating the ethical literature study and also made possible for us to participate the documentary 'Who owns you'

  • Dr. David Koepsell
  • Taylor Roesch

Communication Department Delft University of Technology

For giving us tips dealing with press

  • Michel van Baal
  • Nathalie Hugoosgift


Giving us the opportunity to making a short movie about our project.

  • Lidy Knol
  • Astrid Ventevogel

Science Centre and Tinker

We are very gratefull for giving us the freedom to make education movies for the Science Museum to our own insight. We are also obliged for the opporunity to collaborate with the decorating the Biotech room. The sponsoring for the development of the serious game was very much appreciated.

  • Michael van der Meer
  • Roel Bolhuis
  • Stan Boshouwers
  • Timo van der Horst
  • Rutger Schuit

Game developers

Supervising the game developers

  • Dr. Rafael Bidarra

Programming of the game

  • Sverre Rabbelier
  • Michel de Ridder
  • Thomas Rens
  • Martijn Rentmeester

Making the graphics of the game

  • Marin Licina

Rathenau institute

For the nice collaborating with the workshops

  • Dr. Dirk Stemerding

WT & Academie

For giving us the opportunaty to give our workshop to teachers

  • Eveline Holla
  • Maaike Gorter


For giving us the opportunaty to give our workshop

  • Erik van Hellemond
  • Liesbeth van Hees

For the professional photoshoot

  • Cora van Nieuwkerk

For converting our logo to vector images

  • Stan Brinkman

Previous iGEM members

For sharing their iGEM experiences and giving tips for our presentations

  • Calin Plesa
  • Daniel Solis
  • Tim Vos
  • Tim Weenink

The people that attended the brainstorming sessions and BT work discussion at the start of the project

Special thanks to everyone participating in our activities on issues in synthetic biology

  • The people we interviewed during Night of the Nerds
  • K.C.A.M. Luyben
  • Prof.dr. P. Osseweijer

Familiy and Friends

For not letting us down even that we neglected them during our iGEM experience.

Fans on our social media

For all the good support