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Session 6

During the meeting 9 presentations were given on different possible subjects, and following the presentations the team voted on whether we should continue with the idea or not. These were the subjects, and the outcome of the vote:

    - Exhaled breath analysis
         Vote: Yes (6/8)
    - Soil Sampling
         Vote: No (2/8)
    - Mosquito’s/Parasites
         Vote: No (0/8)
    - Cell shrinkage
         Vote: No (2/8)
    - Oil remediation (Hydrocarbon biodegradation)
         Vote: Yes (8/8)
    - Bacterial buffer
         Vote: No
    - Rainbow pH sensor
         Vote: Yes (8/8)
    - Ice melting
         Vote: No (0/8)
    - Biofilms (Linked to cell density measurement?)
         Vote: Part of another project
    - Bacterial eye
         Vote: Yes (7/8)
    - GMOs in the Gut
         Something to add to another idea

Chosen Ideas:

- Colon cancer detection

- Oil remotion

- Rainbow pH Sensor

- Bacterial Eye

Presentation by Pieter