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Lab work

Ordered DNA + Solvent Tolerance and Hydrocarbon Sensing

The colony PCR of yesterday was put on1% agarose gel

We harvested the 1 mL bacterial cells of possible correct transformations. The pellets were stored at -20 °C. We used 3 mL of the bacterial cells to make -80 °C stocks.

Characterization of Anderson RBS sequences

Fluorescence measurements Attempt #2

Data analysis to follow shortly (good stuff!)

Assembly of reference construct & positive control

Yesterday's digestion products of K081005 and I13401 were set for ligation over the weekend.

The Birnboim method was used to isolate J23100 and I13522 (both in pSB1A2) from the o/n 5 mL LB cultures. The following concentrations of plasmid were obtained:

BioBrick Concentration (ng/μL)
J23100 130.7
I13522 106.7