Team:Stockholm/23 June 2010




Testing Top10 competent cells and antibiotic agar plates

Results from 22/6

Transformed plasmid Plate Growth
pEX 100 ug/ml Amp Yes
None 100 ug/ml Amp No
pEX 25 ug/ml Cm No
None 25 ug/ml Cm No

Growth on Amp plate indicated transformation competence. No growth on other plates indicated good antibiotic selection.

Note: The transformed pEX vector was thought to carry a Cm resistance cassette insert. This was, however, discovered to be wrong.

Plasmid preparation of pEX vector

Two clones picked and each inoculated in 5 ml LB with Amp and grown ON in 37┬░C, 250 rpm.

Transformation with pMA vector

The pMA (BBa_K157000) vector could become useful for cloning and construction of our parts, as it carries the complete Freiburg prefix and suffix sequences (in contrast to the standard BioBrick vectors pSB1x3).

  • Transformed Top10 cells with pMA vector carrying a Freiburg fusion His tag (BBa_K157011) insert. Cells plated on 100 ug/ml Amp plates.


Started to use softwares for making 3D animations and/or movies, started by making protein A and IgG Protease.

softwares used:

  1. Molecular Maya
  2. Chimera

The Faculty of Science at Stockholm University Swedish Vitiligo association (Svenska Vitiligof├Ârbundet) Geneious Fermentas/ Sigma-Aldrich/