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Preparation of competent Top10 Escherichia coli cells

Continued from 21/6.

Prepared competent Top10 cells according to protocol.

Testing Top10 competent cells and antibiotic agar plates

Tested competent Top10 by transforming with the BioBrick Freiburg expression vector pEX (BBa_K243033), carrying resistance to Amp, and plating onto previously prepared (21/6) 100 ug/ml Amp and 25 ug/ml Cm plates. Tested LB agar plates by plating with "mock-transformed" cells.


EuMelanin (EM)
  1. Melanin Gene in recombinant E. Coli.
  2. How IPTG effecting EM production.
  3. Study this article: Lagunas-Muñoz VH et. al. 2006 :
    • Suggests that temperature and PH are the main factors effecting melanin production. they reached a 100% increase in melanin production by changing PH and Temp.
    • The production of melanin is subjected to the presence of tyrosinase, which is an enzyme to catalyze the oxidation of phenols (for the melanin case this one is tyrosine) source: wikipedia.
    • These enzymes have two activities: they use molecular oxygen to catalyse the hydroxylation of l-tyrosine to l-3,4- dihydroxyphenyl alanine (l-dopa) (cresolase activity); and then oxidizes this product to dopachrome (catecholase activity), which then non-enzymatically oxidizes and polymerizes to form melanin (Garcı´a-Borro´n and Solano 2002).
    • EuMel production is what they were interested in, EuMel is directly related to induction of MutMelA gene, which could be controlled by concentration of IPTG. They suggest a 0.1 mmol/litr IPTG for mel production.
    Ask wetlab team for what their PH, Temp, and IPTG is for their bacteria.
  4. Possible pathway in EM production in E. Coli.
  5. What else is needed to represent the whole as system!?

Overexpression / inclusion bodies
  1. TODO:
    Read about inclusion bodies, over expression.
    Read articles in production part of modeling and add more/delete some.

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