Team:Stockholm/16 June 2010



today we started looking into databases to find regulatory network for MITF, our question is: what does it regulate? if it is fused with cpp, will it effect regulation on any gene in E. Coli?

there are many databases that we need to look for:

- MITF regulates not only the expression of enzymes involved in melanin synthesis, but also the expression of a receptor which plays an essential role in melanocyte functions

- Microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (MITF) regulates the differentiation and development of melanocytes and retinal pigment epithelium and is also responsible for pigment cell-specific transcription of the melanogenesis enzyme genes. Review.

- MITF and STAT3 cooperatively induce c-fos, resulting in cellular transformation

- The results of this study demonstrate a role for glutamate in MiTF regulation that may have implications in melanocyte associated disorders.

- Sphingosylphosphorylcholine reduces melanin synthesis via MITF downregulation.

- MITF evokes transcription of a paradigmatic MITF target tyrosinase and show that the adenoviral E1A protein represses the MITF-driven transcription in these cells.

and more on

After talking with Lars about iGEM, he mentioned some databases:

Transfac: transcriptional gene regulation in eukaryotes Consite: web-based prediction of regulatory elements using cross-species comparison. Jaspar: JASPAR 2010: the greatly expanded open-access database of transcription factor binding profiles.

I also found this database which is for prokaryotic PRODORIC: prokaryotic database of gene regulation. link for article:

Mathworks offers several tools for computational biology. Knowing the capabilities of them will help in future estimations.


  • From Falcon Tube with SOD, made glycerol stock and miniprep

- Glycerol Stock: 400 µl of SOD from Falcon Tube, and 800 µl pure glycerol (cutted of end of tip for pipette) - Miniprep SOD from Falcon Tube

183,77 ng/µl 260: 0,037 280: 0,022 315: 0,004

  • Streaked vector (pEX)

As nina was unsure what sample of IgG was the new and old one,

  • PCR'ed "old" IgG
  • Transformed "old" IgG (70 µl, 15 min)

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