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Everyone who showed up on May 17th. From left: Nelson Yao, Yuli Zhang, Chris Palmer, Steve Goldie, Geoff Halliday, Thai Phi, Hao Shi, Kevin Hong.

Louis Briggs email

Louis Briggs is a third year biochemical engineering student who has strong interests in synthetic biology and biomedical sciences. In addition to volunteering for the QGEM team, Louis has worked in biomedical research, specifically in the development of automated clinical systems for cell and tissue therapy.

Steve Goldie email

Steve is a Life Sciences major with an interest in Cancer Biology and Genetics. He hopes to eventually go to medical school. He became interested in the QGEM team after being promised copious amounts of lab work. So far the research and planning portion of the project has been his favourite part.

Geoff Halliday email

Geoff is on the fence between biomedical computing and biochemistry. He comes from a computing background, but is very interested in the biological sciences, and synthetic biology in particular. He also thinks he finally got the layout looking okay.

Kevin Hong email

Kevin is in his third year of studies in the life sciences. He is passionate about both the fields of synthetic biology and biomimicry.

Chris Palmer email

Chris is a third year Engineering Chemistry student with a strong interest in synthetic biology. In addition to his involvement with the iGEM Team, he is also working with Drs. Ian Chin-Sang and Ken Ko towards bringing a synthetic biology course into existence at Queen's University.

Thai Phi email

Thai is a third year biochemical engineering student. He joined the Queen's iGEM team in 2010 due to his interest in the emerging field of synthetic biology.

Basia Rozinowicz email

Basia studies biochemistry at Queen's. She naturally became interested in the iGEM as a result of her goal to pursue work in research and development in health biotechnology.

Mike Schmidt email

Mike is a second year undergraduate student, with a concentration in engineering chemistry. Mike is experienced in mathematical modelling, and the physical sciences affiliated with engineering tasks. He came to the iGEM team in 2009 because of his interests in the wide-range of applications in the field of synthetic biology and systematic engineering. Aside from his studies and QGEM he enjoys playing a variety of sports including hockey, soccer and golf.

Hao Shi email

"How is she doin'?" Yup, that's how I will introduce myself if we ever meet. I'm just a guy going into 3rd year Life Sciences aiming to enter medical school like any other life-sci. Aside from that ambition, I have a little engineer inside my brain that craves innovative challenges, which is what brought me to iGEM. To top that off, I need to admit my addiction to badminton... it takes up about 20% of my awake-hours each week. Sherlock Holmes would deduce either I sleep a lot or I play a lot of badminton... or I might be over-exaggerating. Summary: Med school + engineer + badminton = Hao Shi = Awesome!! QED =)

Mary Tao email

Mary is in her third year of the Life Science and X-ray technology program at Queen's. Her interest in the iGEM team was sparked by her experience in a biotechnology course in high-school, as well as her natural affinity for team work.

Nelson Yao email

Nelson is going into third-year biochemistry. Therefore he contributes knowledge in both molecular biology and chemistry to the team. Nelson joined QGEM 2010 as a volunteer because of his interest in exploring the cool and interesting aspects of synthetic biology and his desire to gain experience in the lab. Also, Nelson has a interest for all kinds of sports including badminton, pingpong, soccer etc, and he is a basketball lunatic.

Yuli Zhang email

Hi. I am a third year life sciences student. I am really interested in molecular genetics and participating in the iGEM competition as a QGEM member has given me the chance to learn more about synthetic biology. The QGEM team worked on engineering C. elegans this past summer. The project was very challenging (if you don’t believe me, try going through all of our gel images) and yet very rewarding (we got a transgenic worm)! The team worked mostly in Dr. Chin-Sang’s lab. When we are running gels we didn’t want to mistakenly take one of the lab’s gel, so we wrote, “You can run, but you can’t hide. iGEM” on tissue paper and laid it under our gel box. What it meant was the DNA can run through the gel by applying an electric field but afterwards, we can image the gel and find the DNA band.


Ian Chin-Sang email | lab

Faculty: Arts & Science
Department: Biology
Position: Associate Professor and CCS/NCIC Research Scientist
Research: Molecular Genetics of C. elegans Development

C. elegans Loves iGEM Movie

Peter Greer email | research

Faculty: Health Sciences
Department: Biochemistry
Position: Professor of Biochemistry and Pathology & Molecular Medicine
Research: Cancer Signal Transduction

Kenton Ko email | research

Faculty: Arts & Science
Department: Biology
Position: Professor
Research: Protein trafficking and functional proteomics

Nancy Martin email | research

Faculty: Health Sciences
Department: Microbiology and Immunology
Position: Associate Professor
Research: Sensing and Adaptation to Environmental Changes in Salmonella typhimurium

Paul Young email | homepage

Faculty: Arts & Science
Department: Biology
Position: Professor
Research: Cell cycle genetics and molecular biology

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