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   Tianze Zhu

         Team > TZZhu
Name Tianze Zhu
Interests Suqash golf and travelling
Research Interest Molecular biology & Synthetic biology
2008.9- School of Life Sciences, Peking University
Academic Experience
2010.3 - PKU team for iGEM 2010
In our iGEM team, I am responsible for the part of preservation, that is to find a way to prolong as much as possible storage time of our bacteria. From previous work, I made several types of preservation media, and our experienment results showed that the bactria in the best media can store for at most 50 days, and still have a considerably high activity. The process to achieve my goal is full of difficulties and frustrations, through which I learn more about what research is. This experience makes me think twice about what I really want to do about science, about biology and about iGEM. I appriciate that.