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=== BIF (Biological Imaging Facility)===
List of Equipment:

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Lac Operon Control

Ara Operon Control (pbad promoter)

arabinose information:

pbad info:

pbad family (only wildtype available) -

RBS Selection


Adding Glucosamine to growth medium boosts chitin production in Yeast (S.C.)-

Chitin synthesis Pathway (image) - [1] (Figure.1. Biosynthesis of chitin in insects. The pathway starts with trehalose, the main hemolymph sugar in most insects, and ends with the chitin polymer. The diagrammatic representation is based on previously published pathways (Kramer and Koga, 1986; Cohen, 2001).)

Chitin Precursor (UDP-N-Acetyl-Glucosamine) is used for Endotoxin (Lipid A) production - - possible safety issue - "When bacterial cells arelysed by the immune system, fragments of membrane containing lipid A are released into the circulation, causing fever, diarrhea, and possible fatal endotoxic shock (also called septic shock)." - thus spake wikipedia

Chitin Synthesis

chitin synthase gene (chs3):

CHS3 does polymerization (Chitin-UDP acetyl-glucosaminyl transferase is just another name for CHS3) -,

Chitin Staining (Calcofluor)

Does not stain E Coli -

Stains Biofilm Polysaccharides? -

Inhibits Synthase -



Live/Dead Staining aka Viability/Cytotoxicity Assay

DMAO(Live), EtD-III(Dead)

Keio Collection - KnockOuts





Primer Extensions:

ChiA(Chitinase) Knockout (may not be necessary)

summary of e coli knockouts:

chitinase gene (chiA):

chiA-knockout strain e coli:

ydgg/tqsA (AI2-Transporter) Knockout

KO -> ~7000x biofilm thickness, ~500x biomass -

BIF (Biological Imaging Facility)

List of Equipment: